Changes in tabletop RPGs, MMORPGs and old school video game RPGs

Some very random thoughts concerning roleplaying games in different forms and formats, and more!
I recommend that you watch this video, which covers some similarities and differences between tabletop roleplaying games and video game RPGs:
This is the Astonia game that I mentioned, although I do not know if it’s the same version:
This is the channel where they talk about the “deaths” of many MMORPGs:
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4 thoughts on “Changes in tabletop RPGs, MMORPGs and old school video game RPGs

  1. I do think the variety of games available to play nowadays makes it a bit harder to get a group going, as people seem to be less willing to accommodate to each other and make an effort to make it work for everyone. That makes the whole "find the right game for your group" concept a bit harder to implement.
    I own physical copies of over 50 games that I have never played, mostly because my group isn't willing or we don't have the time to learn enough of to get a game going, for instance. And while nowadays it's easier to find people on the internet to play with, sometimes you're just not confortable playing like with strangers or over those platforms.

    Another point I see being put forth often is how streaming has been messing up the expectations of people about how RPGs really work. Newbies seem to actually believe a game should flow like scripted stories enacted by professionals do (*cough*criticalrole*cough), and when an actual games doesn't go like that they just quit the group. Or if the GM doesn't go through the work of setting up a maps and miniatures and all that, they feel like that's not a good GM. All of which leads to "professional GMs" and games where you have to pay to play, and that's not a rabbit hole I want to go down right now, but that really affects how RPGs are played these days.

    Anyway, great topic and it's always fun to talk about these things with you!

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