Call for Community Content Contributors (The Secret Stacks)

Become a Librarian in the Secret Stacks

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Thought Police is preparing to launch a DriveThruRPG community content program (“The Secret Stacks”), allowing fans and independent designers to create material for all of our released products. We need some seed material from the gaming community for starter titles. That is where you come in!

RPG and Storygame Works We Are Accepting

For the Motif Game Framework (Motif Story Engine and Motif Action Engine), you can create anything from expansions to brand new core RPGs using the framework. Similarly, you may elaborate on or adapt any story engine or game engine build used in any of our products. Use the Motif Game Framework to release your own games. Borrow the system from Animatica or NEVER Stop Smiling to put out your own core RPG book, including the ability to use the rules text.

For all other products, you may release supplementary materials and adaptations. This can be anything from local guides to encounter manuals to entire adaptations into other RPG systems. Do you want to make a d20 NEVER Stop Smiling, a Dungeon World Arthur’s Legacy, or a Fate SC911: Special Crimes 911? Have at it! Do you want to create a beasts book for NEVER Stop Smiling or a campaign module for Animatica? That would be great!

We also encourage the release of various supporting and derivative products for all released titles, from Astral Virtual Tabletop modules to 3D models. We especially encourage Astral Virtual Tabletop modules. We also highly encourage card game adaptations and fiction releases. Do you want to make a Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE! card game, release a NEVER Stop Smiling comic, or put out an Arthur’s Legacy short story collection? Tell us about it and be part of the Secret Stacks community content program.

How It Works

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In the future after the program launch, the general public will be able to contribute titles under the program at DriveThruRPG. For this initial launch:

  • You contact us via email (submissions *AT* or via message to our Facebook page at
  • We will answer any questions you have.
  • We discuss and approve projects.
  • You send us the finished manuscript.
    • If you have a cover image, that’s great. If not, we will generate one for you for your seed title(s).
    • Basic formatting is fine, as long as you used justified text and everything is clean.
    • PDF format preferred. InDesign or Word are acceptable, we can export.
  • We will need the email address associated with your DriveThruRPG account.
  • We send in the finished manuscript and when the program launches, it will be featured under your account on DriveThruRPG.

Requirements to Contribute

  • In order to publish and receive royalties, you must have or create a DriveThruRPG account. We are a DriveThruRPG exclusive publisher and the program is exclusive to DriveThruRPG.
  • Be willing to contribute one or more products in the near future and promise to contribute one or more additional products within the year.
  • For most products, have some experience with game design, even as a hobby, and/or running games.
  • For fiction and setting products, have some particular enthusiasm for a setting and/or writing experience.
  • Have a clear idea for your own product or be willing to work with us and our list of suggestions and backburner ideas.

Rewards for Contributing

secret stacks contributor rewards

  • Earn 50% of retail on all sales. That is 71.4% of gross revenue (the cut after the marketplace takes their share).
  • Your contributions will be highlighted as the official community content program launch products.
  • Receive all current and immediately Thought Police PDF titles free of charge.
    • People contributing Astral Virtual Tabletop modules will receive lifetime access to all official Thought Police PDF releases.
    • People contributing at least 3 accepted titles will also receive lifetime access to all official Thought Police PDF releases.
    • Initial seed contributors who have a community content title become a Silver or better bestseller will also receive lifetime access to all official Thought Police PDF releases.
      • Those meeting 2 or more of these conditions will additionally receive lifetime discounts for at-cost copies of all ashcan and DriveThruRPG released print editions.

View all of our current titles!

Note: We have some limited free copies for potential contributors in hardship to work with. Talk to us about it if you need.

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