Beyond Solitaire Podcast 16: Deborah from Geek Gamers on Solo RPGs

In this episode, Liz interviews Deborah from Geek Gamers about her love of narrative and her experiences with solo RPGs. If you have ever wanted to be your own DM, Deborah is the right person to ask!

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8 thoughts on “Beyond Solitaire Podcast 16: Deborah from Geek Gamers on Solo RPGs

  1. Thank you Deborah for the advice. I've tried running Ex Novo with your suggestions and it really came alive. Especially on how there was no right way to do things and the best way is to tinker.

  2. Been following Geek Gamers channel for many years and i have always learned something new, or been shown a different way of doing things for my solo play. This was so fun listening to. I can confirm that Voyage of bsm pandora is the best solo boardgame ever made. Great content!

  3. This was a great interview – many thanks both. I wrote down every game mentioned although I think the Voyage of the BSM Pandora might be hard to get hold of so are there any other good solo RPGโ€™s of a more modern (Sci-fi, dystopian etc) theme that anyone can recommend? Many thanks

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