Artefact Solo RPG playthrough!

Follow the triumphs and tragedies of a loyal, vengeful, shield and its encounters with pirates, queens, and jealous lovers.
Playing first edition of this game (I think!)
Buy the new edition here:
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11 thoughts on “Artefact Solo RPG playthrough!

  1. Thank you for this one. I have been mulling over whether to pick up artefact for a while. It was good to see it in play. I think that you’re right to bring in additional material to help with the story. As for how long you to wait until the next Keeper depends on whether you want to continue the story of the archivist’s murder in which case it would be picked up within a year or so, or wait longer and continue afresh. In either case, I am sure that the story isn’t over yet… (-:

  2. Looks and sounds fun! I'm not sure as i don't have my pdf on my phone, but there should be an updated version with clearer text and a few more artefacts (like footwear!). Watching you play it makes me more eager to play!

    Edit: the updated version should be on the same page

  3. Thanks for the video! I think Artefacts is such a good idea to be “borrowed” and applied to other RPG sessions. Knowing you always give your characters a Trinket, this system seems to be a good way to give the trinket some history, or the history is only revealed bits by bits over time (maybe playing Artefact in parallel?) to provide a dynamic Hook to the game.

    Imagine the trinket slowly reveals itself to be something like the Ring in the Lord of the Rings during a game session.
    The protagonist is being hunted for this trinket but it turns out the magic within the trinket has long faded or the power only reveals in curtain conditions.

    These are classic fantasy story lines but I have been struggling to create them dynamically during game sessions, either I have to write down a story plot before even playing or the trinket’s importance fades over time and becomes another item in the inventory.
    This game system seems to be the perfect solution to the above problems.

  4. I was wondering if someone knew if there was a dice roller on the Google app that reads aloud the number for you. I have a close relative who is depressed because they have gone blind and cant do most of the things they enjoyed. I was hoping I could surprise them for Christmas with an RPG game Runthrough with such an app.

  5. I started a game earlier this year but never finished it, so watching your step by step guidance motivates me to finish it. I had a character that rolled on a treasure chart and received an anti-magic ring, so I started there. Last month, I finally worked the ring into a scene during a pivotal combat moment, so it's about time to complete its history. Especially since it has started talking to my hero. I think the next scene will probably be entirely played with Artefact as a dream about the first keeper. Thanks for the video.

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