Ales to Allraess – Swords and Wizardry Solo Roleplaying

A short adventure in The Midderlands using Swords & Wizardry.


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9 thoughts on “Ales to Allraess – Swords and Wizardry Solo Roleplaying

  1. I love the hex crawl material. Companies seemed to have gotten away from them because they have a tendency to scare away new players. Maybe now that the hobby is more mainstream, they will bring them back.. I'd actually like something like what you have with a random table so that I could put it where I want in my own campaign. Always love the way you make your rolls stick even if it means the story not going the way you want.

  2. Another enjoyable game. I really like the look of the Midderlands book and map. From the way you were rolling I suspect that Bill Pike may have been at the cargo before the pirates arrived.

  3. With solo play I always use a certain color die (usually purple) for the heroes and whatever for the foes. Allows for simultaneous rolling for initiative and then you can more easily track it. And if there are say, three foes and 6 party members, I'll roll 3d6 to see which party members are attacked by the foes.

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