A Gnome Alone in the Sunless Citadel – Basic Fantasy Solo Roleplaying

Chumley the Gnome investigates the 3rd edition D&D adventure, The Sunless Citadel.


10 thoughts on “A Gnome Alone in the Sunless Citadel – Basic Fantasy Solo Roleplaying

  1. I own a copy of The Sunless Citadel. I started running a party of four 1st level characters through it a few months ago but I didn't like it. I don't like running four characters at once. You mentioned in your video that you can just use one higher level character. I must admit for strange reason that thought didn't occur to me. These were third edition characters I was using. I think I will make a single 4th level character and run him through it. I have already read the entire dungeon but using your oracle method there could be surprises. I'll make a 4th level half-orc druid. I like the 2 extra strength points. Third edition, of course. I think I'll use default scores and the NPC info in the 3e DMG to create it.

  2. Re: your oracle. The following would maybe be better than comparing d6's:
    Standard: Roll d20, 1 to 2 are bad.
    Player advantage: Roll d20, 1 is slightly bad, 20 is extremely good, and the rest are good.
    Player disadvantage: Roll d20. 1 to 10 are bad.
    These are very close to the odds, based on running some monte carlo sims.

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