A Discussion with Tana Pigeon, creator of the Mythic Game Master Emulator

Well, I finally got to sit down with Tana to talk, and let me tell you, I had a blast! We go down to the nitty gritty details of solo roleplaying and its experience, so I hope you like it!

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18 thoughts on “A Discussion with Tana Pigeon, creator of the Mythic Game Master Emulator

  1. Wanderfull. Rly happy for this interview.
    Tana is rly a wanderfull person to talk, rly briliant person (well i allrady know that by the books).
    The only thing that sads me is when people, and i kinda saw that in the vídeo to, talks about Mythic is allways refere to Mythic Master emulator and not Mythic the Rpg.
    Yes im one of that persons that curse blue book becouse he "cast a big shadow" on the Mythic system. So briliant how you can define the stats of your character in middle of play and how briliant is the method used to define the things (comparation of ranks). It realy sads me the "default" Mythic is the blue book instead of the Red one.
    I just realy hope for a Mythic 2 with some tuning of the combat method but i rly like Mythic as system and as GM simulater to.

  2. with any character or characters, i imagine the individual(s) beginning as nieve about the world (such as the characters in the “wheel of time” series”.
    there, the characters become wiser and determined to accomplish their own will, not necessary being aware that other characters are driving them to their ultimate goal.

  3. God, what a great interview with so many good ideas for starting out. I’m currently playing Mork Borg solo. The core book has some nice tables for adventure seeds and there’s a whole lot of content being created by the MB community.

    I think the big challenge is trying to keep it a “game” rather than writing a story. Maybe it always has to be both.

  4. Lovely interview. About random tables. Tana should get together with Ken Wickham and try to sort up his linguistic approach so that it can be presented in a coherent way. He is the "drilling down" man for sure but the material is splintered and confusing, I hope someone will distill what he is doing for future products.

  5. In running pre made adventures, perhaps a GM emulators should step back from the story and focus in on making lively and interesting the details of events, like what Tana describes with her alligator encounter. The story in the published adventure can then act as "context" when interpreting oracles and thereby funneling your characters advances. "Given that this guard is in the employment of the Vampire lord" what does <this detail check result> mean?" sort of thing.

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