4 great boardgames to play solo (because Valentine's Day is rubbish)

Board games with friends and loved ones are great fun and everything, but what about when you’re on your own? Here are four great games to play solo

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42 thoughts on “4 great boardgames to play solo (because Valentine's Day is rubbish)

  1. Funny intro. As an Aussie love Brit bg vids much more than US, Canadian – our humour more in synch! NPI, SUSD and Actualol great vids. Friday my best solo challenge. Just got cartographers which I enjoyed with my family – looking forward to trying solo : )

  2. Pandemic is hands down one of my favorite single player experiences..i have on many occasions left it out for weeks on end, periodically shuffling the deck and giving it a quick go. you think being the sole decision maker would put you at an advantage but the random deck nature and sheer brutality of escalation make it a brilliant puzzle with absolutely no guarantee of success.

  3. The melody at the start of the video is the same as in "Happy Birthday" by Flipsyde. Does anybody know if there is a classic origin? I guess it's like pachelbels Canon in D major used in bitter sweet symphony, but I can't find anything on it 🙂

  4. On the "Ganz schön clever-Fox": The fox (especial in German fairy tales) is depicted as a sly animal. If somebody does a very sly or clever thing, Germans often say "Du Fuchs!" (You're Fox!), to tell him he's very clever. A third person might add to that "Bist zwar nicht so schlau, stinkst aber wie einer" (Not as smart, but smells/stinks like one), as humorous turn of the conversation. 🙂

  5. I own One Deck Dungeon, and second that it's great solo fun! I also like Tiny Epic Galaxies and Hero Realms Campaign play for solo options. As a single mother of youngsters I don't always get in game time with others so I'm always on the lookout for something fun to play solo.

  6. Ugh…way to make a video that has most of the screen burning down battery power and our retinas. Go Dark Mode. Save energy. Turn the brightness down. Made me switch off at about 1:34.

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