10 Wacky And Bizarre RPGs You NEED To Play

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We’ve all played the typical RPGs about light and dark, where heroes save the day and friendship is magic, blah blah blah … But what about the RPGs that want to make us laugh? Or just weird us out? Well, these are the ones you should consider playing! Our list includes “Pong Quest” (2020), “Hyperdimension Neptunia” series (2010-), “The Outer Worlds” (2019), “South Park: The Stick of Truth” (2014) & “South Park: The Fractured But Whole” (2017) and more! Which of these games have YOU played? Let us know in the comments!

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49 thoughts on “10 Wacky And Bizarre RPGs You NEED To Play

  1. No mention of Hylics? It allowed you to play as a yellow dude with horns who heals himself by warming burittos in the microwave, for god's sake! What's more wacky than that?

  2. I was never into or a fan of turn base but after playing Yakuza Like A Dragon, I like it, will it have me play other turn base games, no, but if it's Yakuza 8 or another Ichiban story I'll play it hopefully they don't change it, or make it complicated in future games or something.

  3. Finished outer worlds like a month ago, skipped the notice that said to do all missions cause it ends like Fallout NV and I didn't do the dlc🙈 got 3/4 a week ago, only to see that the 2nd dlc might be out soon

  4. 7. Not to mention the various references to other franchises and the fact that the 4th Wall is basically nonexistent. Just listen to this one line from Neptune: "Should I just wait for more text boxes to appear?"
    3. The 1st game spoofed fantasy, the second spoofed superheroes, what's the 3rd game gonna spoof? Isekai? It only seems logical.

  5. Borderlands 2 out of this list is my favorite they ruined Borderlands 3 they Nerf everything now and is not even PVP is PVE I don't understand why they have to Nerf everything I had a powerful build I had a couple of them every single one got nerfed this is gearbox Nerf Nerf Nerf I'm not buying another Borderlands game ever again Borderlands 3 gearbox his ruin that game

  6. I think if Outer Worlds can be on the list so could have Yakuza: Like A Dragon! Besides the crazy mini games, original take on standard mobs and hilarious humor, the main character Ichiban thinks he's in a Dragon Quest game!

  7. you mention FNAF but not the Mother/EarthBound series? I seriously question your tastes….

    Ring Fit Adventure ( it's a fitness RPG that you play by exercising ffs…HOW WAS THIS NOT MENTIONED? )
    Tomato Adventure ( it never actually left Japan, but even without being able to read Japanese the game is fun & bizarre )
    Okage: Shadow King
    Disgaea series

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