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Crisis Sale Updates

Our lead developer, Rev. Casey, is experienced a two-punch crisis of a partner being hospitalized and a sudden housing crisis. We held a crowdfunding style sale to help out. Thank you for your support!

We heard from a lot of you who missed out hoping for other membership or subscription style bundles. We also want to help our developer transition with a solid foundation for stability, while ensuring we can meet our fulfillment obligations. After collaborating with our contributors and lead dev, we came up with a set of four backer or subscription style bundles. Our Autumn Crowdfunding Sale is live now! Please check it out!

TPI Studios (Thought Police)

Thought Police Interactive Studios produces a variety of roleplaying and storytelling games in order to explore different universes and timeline possibilities. Our current releases include:

Recent releases:

  • Egregores: The Creepypasta Storytelling Game (one-page horror storygame of memory and terror)
  • Gobble. Gobble! GOBBLE!!! (uplifted turkeys gain sentience and revolt against mankind)

Upcoming releases:

  • Motif Action Engine. A hack of the Motif Story Engine, providing a companion RPG system to use with the solo engine.
  • Arthur’s Legacy (Solo and GM-less Edition). A new release of Arthur’s Legacy, utilizing builds of the Motif Game Engine and Motif Story Engine.
  • Animatica (Release Update). Full beta release of Animatica.
  • And more! Stay tuned.

Thought Police Interactive is a DriveThruRPG Exclusive Publisher. Visit us there to see all of our currently available titles.