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Our lead developer, Rev. Casey, just cannot get a break this year! On top of earlier disruptions, their partner May has been hospitalized again this week. They have been in temporary housing since August and May has been hospitalized multiple times this year. We are holding a fundraiser to help them move into health stable housing, regain some stability, and finance medical costs. We are including various gifts at different donation levels. Please help today if you can!

TPI Studios (Thought Police)

Thought Police Interactive Studios produces a variety of roleplaying and storytelling games in order to explore different universes and timeline possibilities. Our current releases include:


Upcoming releases:

  • Arthur’s Legacy Setting Guide. A new release of Arthur’s Legacy, system agnostic setting guide with a build of the Motif Story Engine.
  • And more! Stay tuned.

Thought Police Interactive is a DriveThruRPG Exclusive Publisher. Visit us there to see all of our currently available titles.